Castle Rock Republican George Teal Launches Bid for Open Douglas County Commissioner Seat

“I believe that Douglas County needs a commissioner who will protect the unique character of our communities, while concurrently managing the velocity of growth and ensuring that our transportation, infrastructure, and water needs are met.”

George Teal on Steffan Tubbs

“(My military service) did more for me than was ever asked of me.”

Castle Rock launches study exploring transit options

“Councilmember George Teal represents the county on a committee working on a long-term plan for RTD in the Denver metro area.”

CDOT lays out vision for I-25 through Douglas County

“I think it kind of hinders this concept we’ve had around the interstate highway systems, of having an open road, having a freeway.”

Committee to recall Douglas County sheriff in no rush

”I would like to see a burden of proof that approaches just cause, which is the burden of proof we expect of our police officers to conduct themselves at all times,” Teal said.

Residents Urge Castle Rock to purchase portion of Plum Creek Golf Course

“I know there’s a lot of interest in the neighborhood to do the right thing by the golf course,” Teal said. “I think there’s recognition that those guys are good neighbors.”

Grocery tax’s fate undecided in Castle Rock

“Councilmember George Teal has been a vocal supporter of repealing the grocery tax… Teal said he hopes to learn whether, if residents are returned the $7 million, they would reinvest that in the town by shopping more, another point he asked staff to research.”

Tolls on top of taxes for basic highway improvements? Enough already!

“Is paying for convenience an appropriate relationship for us to have with our government?”

Grocery tax is well past its expiration date

“We no longer need to tax bread and milk. Let’s start having the conversation about how can remove that tax burden from our residents. It’s the right thing to do.”

Castle Rock Post Election Blues

“The charter was changed,” said councilman George Teal, who represents District 6, which includes the areas of Crystal Valley Ranch, Plum Creek, The Lanterns and Heckendorf Ranch. “The core question of do we elect the mayor at large or not, has been decided.”

Colorado town council sends local decision on open carry to the people

“This is perfect; it is a reaffirmation of our constitutional rights,” council member George Teal told the Denver Post. “I wholly support this measure because it rights a wrong.”

Castle Rock to voter on openly Carrying Firearms

“Council member George Teal, who voted in favor of the measure, says it reaffirms constitutional rights.”

Mayor should be chosen by all Castle Rock voters

“It’s about how we expect to reasonably grow our town to 100,000 residents while still holding our local, elected officials — each and every one of them — accountable. It’s about letting residents have a voice in deciding who should be mayor.”

Growing town asks where guns fit in

“When it comes to firearms, an open-carry firearm is more safe than a concealed firearm,” said George Teal, 46, a councilmember.”

Republicans deny partisan intrusion in town race

“But Teal said on the same hand he’s not going to run away from his political beliefs.’

George Teal was a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.