Though Douglas County voted to de-Bruce years ago, George is a supporter of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) and has a record of being a strong fiscal conservative.

On the Cherry Creek Water Quality Authority, he defeated an effort to de-Bruce and, as a member of the E-470 Board, he helped to pass a reduction of tolls on commercial vehicles. As a part of a conservative Town Council, he also lowered property taxes, reduced water fees and offered voters a TABOR refund.

As your County Commissioner, George will cut taxes, reduce fees, oppose any renewal of existing sales taxes and will be a steadfast defender of the taxpayers.


George was a member of the 2014 Castle Rock Town Council that codified the rights of residents to open-carry in the town. 

As Commissioner, he will ensure our Constitutional rights are never infringed upon.


George has as record of serving as a Limited-Government Conservative – respecting the individual rights of residents while supporting and encouraging free enterprise.

As County Commissioner, he will keep government in-check while never falling into the trap of expecting (and allowing) government to fill a role is was never intended to fill. He will be a fierce advocate for free-market principles, while ensuring our county government refrains from picking economic winners and losers.


George’s mother, Kathy Teal, was considered a leader in Colorado’s Pro-Life movement. She also helped to pass legislation in the 90’s that made midwifery legal in the state and was a founder of Greeley’s Birthright and Pregnancy Center. She was a champion of family rights and raised Pro-Life, Pro-Family kids and grandkids.

Like his mom, George is Pro-Life, supports parental rights, and believes that government needs to stay out of the lives of families.


George has spent the last five years working on critical transportation infrastructure issues throughout the county and region.

In his first year on the Castle Rock Town Council, George was appointed to represent Douglas County on the Denver Regional Council of Government (DRCOG) and has been instrumental in realigning transportation priorities, to include the fast-tracking of crucial improvements to the I-25 GAP (between Castle Rock and Monument) and allocating more dollars to rural communities and arterial networks.

 Working as a member of the Douglas County Team he brought back to Douglas County more than $23 million of Federal Gas Tax money – lessening our status as a ‘donor county’ – and because of his leadership, was chosen to represent Douglas County on the Re-Imagine RTD Advisory Committee.

As Commissioner, he will continue working for the residents of Douglas County, ensuring congestion is eased, arterial road networks expanded, and critical transportation infrastructure is built with planned growth and development in mind.


As a 20-year resident of Douglas County, George has seen – firsthand – how growth has impacted our county.

As a councilman, he has worked to mitigate the velocity of growth on residents. By minimizing the negative impact of construction, easing congestion, protecting our vistas and ensuring land developers remain great neighbors, smart growth can be managed while remaining pro-business and pro-private property.

George is committed to ensuring growth pays for growth and will work tirelessly to preserve the quality of life we all love and expect.


George is the Chairman of the Chatfield Watershed Authority, serves on the Castle Rock Water Resources Committee and represented Castle Rock for four years on the Cherry Creek Water Quality Authority.

He understands the crucial role water plays in our communities and that if development plans don’t include water, they are not planning for the future.

As Commissioner, George will continue this work for the residents of the county, ensuring rural aquifers are not drained by municipal needs and that our municipalities receive the support they need to continue to meet their water requirements while increasing dependencies on renewable sources.


Douglas County is a terrific place to live and raise a family. And while the important issues of growth, transportation and water must always be prioritized, we need to also safeguard the emotional infrastructures that make each of our communities unique and special.

As Douglas County Commissioner, George will ensure municipalities have the tools and resources necessary to promote their local economies, while also protecting our open space, rural communities and historic traditions.